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2020 (Year of the Covid-19 virus and e-learning) - Tom and Reyna fly to FL for a space X launch

Dragon Crew launch to the international space station. REyna's first flight, first gator viewing and eating, first shirly temple in a pub, first rocket launch, first crab cake... Great spontaneous adventure!



2019 Family Cruise Vacation to Costa Maya and Cozumel

Figured we had exactly one spring break left to do this before we really can't afford it or kids all move away so....

Tom's Pictures

Heathers Pictures

Montgomerys Pictures



2017 Alaska Trip (Tom and Xavier)

The last big hurrah for X and dad before Purdue in the fall. We decided to try to see the northern lights. not everyone who goes is lucky enough to see them. We were lucky enough to see them on 2 separate nights, the second of which saw us, alone, climbing a mountain in complete darkness with only the Auora to guide us back down the mountain at midnight...

2016 Halloween

Some last minute costume work for Reyna and T, Sam and her friends were the powder puff girls.


2016 June Boy Scout High Adventure with Monty and Jackson

This was a VERY challenging trip! We all made it back and are much stronger for the experience.
A full week on the Apalachian trail in the great Smoky mountains. Hiked to the highest point in the Smokies with a 60 lb pack on our backs and got to see a black bear trapped 50 yards from our tent. Check out the images

Was a truly great time.



2015 Europe visit pictures

Made it to the louvre this time :)

Notre Dame, the Louvre, a castle in northern France, High speed train video, great food, umbrellagate... great trip. Believe it or not I worked 90% of the time!





Fall 2014, spring 2015

A few family vids.... Bowling, Seaworld, local park







Fall 2014

Some images from a trip to China and Vietnam


August 8th, 2014

Roman and Dad team up to defeat evildoers in Indy at X-cite Laser tag! Oh, and we went to the Indiana state fair as well.

August 4th, 2014

Samantha and Dad in the nations capital. Washington DC

July 11th, 2014

Jackson, Xavier and Dad at the Museum of Science and Industry

June 26th, 2014
Reyna and Dad at the Indy Zoo



June 21st, 2014

Montgomery and Dad went to a copper mine in Arizona.


June 12th, 2014

Indianapolis Indians campout and a few of Romans birthday. We parked on the roof of the government parking garage and took a picture of the park from the edge. Was a good campout this year and a good baseball game (they lost) but when they announced the movie playing on the big screen all the kids in the audience went "awwww" because everyone had seen it already.

April 22nd, 2014

Samantha and Her class went to the field museum in Chicago.

August 11th, 2013

It's been a busy summer. Our new home is nearly completly framed. Things are coming along, but still lots to complete and get done correctly. Here's a video walkthrough of the house as of yesterday : VIDEO WALKTHROUGH

And here are some pictures from

August 15th



March 2013 - Spring Break in Navarre Beach, FL

November 10th, 2012

The big tree came down today!

September 2012

Started putting some stone on the driveway today... didn't go well. ground was too wet and stone driver was afraid he was going to get stuck.

September 2012

Working on the new property. Don't rent a mini backhoe when you need a bulldozer, but DEFINITELY rent a mini-backhoe if you want to have fun!. Lincoln had an awesome hair cut, learning to never let mom cut his hair again, and after living in Edna Mills for 15 years, we had to have our septic tank pumped, much to the kids delight

Trip to the Zoo for the TWINS

Best part? Might have been the Cafe car on the Amtrak!

Summer Birthday Parties 2012

Samantha almost rocks a solo 5/2012

Last song (couldn't spell finale) of the 2012 Bach Chorale summer camp choir

Samantha's Birthday Party

Water balloon fights and the first home zip line!

Samantha's Birthday Party

Easter egg hunt, Sam on stage (again), Jackson get a sweet haricut from dad, and Roman rides a horse

2012 Pinewood Derby

Jackson takes second place overall!

Montgomery wins second in the den and 4th overall!
Reyna takes third in the open class racing!

Way to go racers!!

2012 Spring Break

2012 Pictures Including Monster Truck Jam, Cub Scout Cooking

Winter 2011 (Just lots of pictures)

October Girl Scout trip to newspaper

Summer 2011

Thanksgiving , cubscouts, dance class, Christmas parade and just about everything else Novembery..

Halloween 2011 + Bonus Rare Teuchiewadadoodoo Photograph

Pictures of the new land

Summer 2011 kid shots including the Clinton County Fair

Deb Roslewski Retires from TRW and our cameras were there!!! 9/31/2011

Sweet Wedding! 7/31/2011 Best Wedding Ever! Good luck Jay and Steph.



Twins birthday party 7/23/2011
Another great birthday party this year. Lot's of water fun.

Pictures from Tom's trip to CERN in Geneva Switzerland. Site of the Large Hadron Collider as well as the birth place of the internet.

Spring pictures 2011

Got moles? Now charging $100/hr to remove from your property.

Xavier wins the Science "Galileo" award at Rossville middle school!

Reyna at the Horse Farm, 2011

When do I get my Pony?

Florida Spring Break, 2011

Another quality vacation in Florida this year. Went to Busch Gardens two days and swam in the pool the rest of the time.

Some vacation Movies posted here



March 11th, 2011

40th birthday for Tom today, 9.0 earthquake hits Japan, and Xavier and the boy scouts head off for a weekend campout to the air force museum in Ohio. Guess who got the most picture coverage?
Quick links to new picture uploads from days past


Dec 8th, 2010

Brought home some stuff yesterday from home depot clearance table. Was handing out some goodies to the kids and gave Roman a plastic bag as a joke. It's his favorite thing now! He's calling it his parachute bag. He lost the flashlight I gave him in Kmart today, but he's got his Parachute bag by God!

Nov 29th 2010

Found out today why Tom's back has been tweeked for a month. Herniated disk, brought to you by a pair of old shoes, an eternal desire to play competetive basketball and a basic failure of the pain response mechanism present in most animals... Revealed by MRI, courtesy of the good people at GE.


12/2 update : 1 hour surgery for a microdiskectomy and the pain is all gone! Once the staples and drill holes are healed I'll be 10 years younger!


2010 pictures from archives..spring, summer, fall

brought to you in 2012...

Fall 2010

Picture folder Chock full of autum goodness
Halloween 2010

Great costumes this year - Tom was out with a Back issue :(

October 2010 - Purdue Space Day for Sam and X

Sam got to talk to astronaught Dr. David Wolf.

Sept, 2010
Fun Purdue game with VandeWater and his boys
Summer 2010 in Michigan

Back to Jen's parent's place for a weekend of fun.

Summer Fun

Took another shot at the infamous preying mantis image - this time with 4 new kids! Photos

Another Great batch of September kid pictures

July 2010

How can a back that hurts this bad have good bones? Sure, it's angled 15 degrees to the left and there is no curve in the lower portion but still...

Good luck downloading this mountain of images... Massive folder

2010 Edna Mills Flooding

Might have more pictures if the neighbors dump me copies. Would have been great to have the hovercraft running!
May 28th, 2010

Xavier had a MacGyver Birthday this year...

Shuttle Mission STS-132

Sam, X and T went to see one of the final shuttle launches. PHOTOS


Spring Break 2010

The fam went back to Kissimmie FL this year with uncle Jon and Matthew and Jess. Great time. DISK 1 : DISK 2


January fun

Samantha and the girlscouts went ice skating for the first time this month, then the kids all tried roller skating at a birthday party. Montgomery got the hang of it quickly!

Xavier at an away bball game. They won the game and X got 2 shots off!

December 25th, 2009
Merry Christmas!

December 1st, 2009
Happy Birthday Lincoln Alexander!
8 Lbs 10 oz

Super super smooth induced birth. The little guy cried just a bit when he came out, barely made a peep when he got his vitamin K shot and hasn't really cried much since. He's a great baby so far (and yes I know by writing this only 30 hrs after he was born we're doomed to 3 months of continuous wailing).

Don't bother to ask if we're done yet please, and no, still not Catholic - but still pre-approved by the Pope. We're angling for a reality show, but with Jon and Kate having 8 we are going to have to come up with something really unique. I suggested we superglue all the kids together at the neck and have some sort of "merry go round family" type show, but Heather thought the folks over at child protective services would frown on sticking the kids together permanently. I argued the merits of the idea of course, including the conservation of water we'd get by only having one shower at a time for all the kids, but she's not seeing the logic. We're still looking for the right idea to pitch...


Thanksgiving 2009
Lets Eat!

Summer and Fall 2009
Lots of pictures in this group.

Samantha Fun Pictures - Roman and Reyna

October 2009
September 2009
Just some fun pictures of the fam having fun
August 2009
Summers end festival in Rossville (Tom in Dunk Tank raising $$). Heather and a pal at high school reunion. Kids at grandparents, and the first day of school for Montgomery, Jackson and Reyna!
July 2009
Birthday party pictures from Montgomery and Jacksons party.
July 2009
4th of July celebration in Valpo, on July 11th. Thanks for the invite Matt, and the hospitality Lonnie (Mr. Hovercraft)
Summer 2009
Indians baseball game in Indy with the fam.
Summer 2009
Some oddball photos from the camera. Replaced the convergance chips from our projection television for $20 and didn't have to buy that new plasma afterall :(
Summer 2009
Visit from Gooch and Xavier in a baseball helment...
June27, 2009
Cub Scout pack 337 and their families went to Holiday world this year! Awesome family fun park.
Summer 2009
Visit to Michigan to see some friends was a great time!
Mom and Jon, you have to listen to this : T and J interviewed by Glenn St.Myer from 1975
Spring 2009
Who needs a Rodenator when you have pool tubing, leaf blowers, duct tape and gasoline? Apparently I do....
Spring 2009
Montgomery and Jackson had their kindergarten music program.
Easter 2009
Good ones of Roman in this group.
March 2009
The family had a great visit from our Friends from Korea. The guys went to ride horses for the first time at some other friends of ours. Was Great!
March 2009
What a GREAT vacation this year. We went with the Hollandsworths and split a rental house. Visited Universal Studios a couple days, and played in the heated pool until our hands looked like we were 165 year olds. ALBUM 1 2 3 4 5

December 2008
Christmas Pictures HERE

November 2008

Xavier and Dad (alon


October 2008

Halloween costume pictures!


September 2008



August 2008

Family visit to Santa Clause Indiana and HOLIDAY WORLD. Awesome time for those who haven't been. Really great for those with kids who like waterparks. practice

Some random summer photos here

February pictures

April 19th 2008

Some pictures of Samantha at a Girl Scout gymnastics practice


March 21st - March 29th 2008, Orlando, Florida

After MONTHS of talking about a vacation but not really doing much to plan one, Tom and (primarily) Heather got busy the week before Xavier and Samantha's spring break from school. Heather worked like a rabid dolphin wth the echolocation center of a fruit bat to find somewhere for the family to stay that week. At the last minute, well the day we were set to start the drive south actually, she found us a 7 bedroom Villa in Kissimee Florida, just minitues from the theme parks. It was a GREAT house, in a perfect setting! We hit Univeral instead of Disney because it was quite a bit less expensive and the attractions seemed like more fun. It was a great day! Samantha wanted to ride EVERY roller coaster and the ones she was tall enough for she wanted to ride multiple times! She takes the new thrill seeker of the family title.

We also got a chance to finally visit Matthew and Jess and see their house (which is now going to be their OLD house). Hopefully we'll get back down in May to see the baby.

For those of you contemplating having 6 kids, remember a standard dinner/breakfast at IHOP will set you back $50+ and forget about trying to eat at burger king or KFC for less than $30.

The pictures also show Xavier getting his cast off. About a month ago, he cracked his wrist during recess when a fat kid fell on him. It was only a stress fracture and didn't even show up on the X ray. For all you parents out there who think that your kid might have a break, here's what you really need to know. If it hurts to press on a bone location (point tenderness) its likely a stress fracture. Your pediatrist will tell you to see a bone doctor (orthopedic specialist) and let them make the call. You will go to the bone doc, and find out that it's probably broken and needs a cast. You'll have to get an X ray. Whether or not the Xray shows anything, you'll be told your child needs a cast to be sure. The reality is that without further injury to the area, the kid will be perfectly fine in 3 weeks with or without cast. But the doctors want to be sure (and get paid). So you'll get the cast and pay the 2 doctor bills. My advice is to either A) Just get it casted in the ER or B) Let it go for 3 weeks (only if it doesn't REALLY hurt).




March 15th, 2008 - Pinewood Derby

Xavier had a good race time this year, but his car was in a tough second heat. Dad's car got second in the open class this year. We both made Ford Sporttracs!

February 20th we had the 08 blue and gold banquet, this year featuring a special guest from Osaka Japan, master Lo Pan. Pictures



October 2007, Goa, India

Back in India for some work related (obviously) project support. Tom was able to visit Goa, the Indian equivalent of Hawaii during this trip. Unfortunately, the ductile iron casting vendor he visited wasn't up to becoming a TRW supplier, so there won't be any trips back to Goa soon... :(

Goa is a VERY interesting city on the west coast of India. There are numerous historical monuments including the St.Xavier basicilla, good shopping, great beaches, and some amazing jungles. It's a great place for anyone to visit. The scenery must be close to Hawaii, but at a much less expensive price. It was in Goa I had my first breakfast dosa.

The man in the image to the right is Jaymaran Maheshwaran. He was a TRW employee working in India for TRW for nearly 2 years. He was a tremendously valuable asset to TRW and Tom in particular. Without his help, sourcing in India would not have gone as well for Tom and TRW as it has. Mahesh, as we called him, visited Goa with Tom in October and here are some photos of Mahesh from that visit.

Mahesh was set to marry in January of 2008, and Tom had planned a visit to attend the reception. In India it's customary to have the wedding and the reception several days apart. All had been arranged for a surprise visit to Chennai India to visit Mahesh and his new bride Renuka at their reception. Marriage was all Mahesh could talk about during the October visit to Goa with Tom. He was so very excited and so much in love. This was to be his first marriage.

Tragedy struck only hours after the wedding ceremony. Two hours into the wedding ceremony, Maheshwaran, our friend, had a heart attack and died. He was in his early 30's.

We will miss you Mahesh, but we will never forget you.


Christmas 2007

A great Christmas for everyone! Grandma Linda's and then back to Edna Mills with Fred, Gloria, Matthew and Jess - thanks for coming guys!!!

Thanksgiving and other stuff pictures

Another great family thanksgiving at our house this year. Thanks everyone for coming!


It looks as if Tom's grand plans to genetically craft his own basketball NBA team aren't going to pan out, so it's on to plan B. Click here to view the beginnings of historys best 80's cover band...


11.18.2007 Just a big picture dump from the camera!


Photos include the Haloween pictures, the groundhog, Jackson in the leaves, Samantha riding a camel...? You'll just have to check it out! Pictures here and as always on this site, click once to print them, click twice to view them.

Literally HUNDREDS of new pictures scattered through the site today. You'll have to look for the new references though - no change tracking log here!


9.23.2007 Samantha and her girlscout buddies go to the Indianapolis Zoo


Lions and tigers and ... Penguins? Oh my! Pictures here

Some great new pictures of the cubscouts over at pack337.org as well!


Sept 8th and earlier - 2007 (Big pre and present dated update!)

Wouldn't it have been great to watch a lifeline helicopter land 60 feet in front of you when you were 6 or 8? The kids had a pretty cool treat last saturday! Pictures here


Spring - 2007 (pre dated!)

Xavier and Samantha birthday parties from earlier this year. Classic army theme! Special thanks to volunteer commando Jon St.Myer for the purple smoke grenade and the "rations from above" roll playing! Call in the Choppers!!!Xaviers party Samanthas Party

Pictures from Matt and Jess' Wedding!

Awesome Wedding!!!PHOTOS


New space for kids and vehicles

Some dangerous beginnings in here


Summer pictures including remodeling progress, dunk tank lunacy, parade marching, and birthday parties 1 2 3




Roman Kincaid St.Myer born today! Weighed 8 lbs 8.8 oz and was born at exactly 7PM. Everyone is doing great.


Great pinewood derby this wkend in the Rossville scouting world. Pictures HERE

Oh, had the ultrasound last month. It's confirmed : ONE BABY this time. And it's a boy!


Good news! Spray foam insulation job completed today by Airpro out of Union City IN. Minus one outside and a toasty 55 upstairs without heating. Pictures HERE


Ok, the cat is out of the bag. (btw, for anyone who can actually tell me where that phrase came from I have a price). Heather is in fact pregnant with number 6. During your congratulations phone call, please remember the following key points :

1) Yes. We are well aware what causes that.
2) We don't know if we're done yet. So far all the kids are pretty wonderful and I'm sure the next 5 will be just as perfect. Why stop?
3) We have absolutely no idea how we'll pay for college. Feel free to forward scholarship information at will.
4) We don't know the sex of the baby yet, and won't until after Feb 21st.
5) Yes. We know what causes that.
6) We are very sure it isn't something in the water
7) No we're not Catholic, although the Pope sent us a "Congratulations, you're pre-qualified!" letter last week.
8) Contrary to popular belief, the local hospital has no "have 5, get one free" policy.

We'll post pictures when we have them, but for now enjoy the artists rendition above

TJ had a great idea for the twins. He's a big MACintosh convert and has been trying to get the rest of us to join the cult. He suggested we give one of the twins a macintosh and the other a Windows PC. We then measure their technical progress as they grow, at some point pointing to the better of the two machines for youth development. I'm pretty sure we could get Apple to fund the research. Anyone know Steve Jobs?

TJ will also be starting an online guess the delivery date baby pool. You can buy a spot using your credit card through paypal. Should be very cool, TJ does some really nice coding. Give him a few days to get it running however, because he hasn't come up with the idea yet :)



Remodeling project pictures : HERE


Pictures from Christmas 2006


Pictures from Valpo Christmas 2005

Pictures from Spring 2005 I found on a CD

Pictures from May visit to the Czech Republic here

Pictures from April visit to the Korea here

Pictures from Virginias 90's birthday party

Pictures from twins birth in 2003 HOSPITAL


Thanksgiving 2006. Great to see lots of family and friends as always. We are all really blessed! PICTURES HERE

Newly released summer '06 pictures HERE including vacation at wisconsin dells and grandma lindas house

Funny Twins video from 2004 HERE

Deck pictures which were archived (6/04) are now available here thanks to a new 250GB western digital hard drive. Thanks WD!

BONUS 2004 christmas pictures here




Sam as a trick or treat princess!

Some great pictures from the the school halloween party for samantha and Xavier playing with his chums at recess


Long time no update! Will put pictures up here from numerous events in time. Xavier has a new scouting web page. Check it out at www.pack337.org.


Just watched hollow man II. Ok movie, not much to write home about, but one stunt was amazing. I have seen more movies than anyone I know and have to say the best stunt with a car I've ever seen I have to now award to Andrea Kinsky in the movie hollow man II. Very cool stunt where she is standing in the path of a sliding ford explorer. I would love to know what was going through her mind as the driver approached. Email me Andrea!



Xavier and Samantha at AJ's race Pictures

Tom went to the Czech Republic and stopped in on the old city of Prague this week. Amazing how old this place is!


TRW 100th anniversary Pictures Lafayette city mayor Tony Roswarski, and congresspersons Ron Alting and Sheila Klinker were in attendance with presentations for the company

Xavier scouting Raingutter Regatta Pictures

Xaviers 7th Birthday Party Pictures


Tiger Scout graduation Pictures


Samantha's preschool graduation Pictures It was too dark to take really good pictures. Most of the shots make the kids look like haunting spectres!


Good homegrown engineering here. Tub from our old dryer, wheels from an old push mower, lumber from the deck project and now we've got an industrial lawn roller! Xavier is quickly becoming a usefull son!

2006 Easter pictures


Catching up on some old downloaded photos. Some good ones from 2004 in here. And HERE you'll find a whole batch of newer photos!

Blue and Gold Banquet


Blue and gold scouting banquet was a huge success. Speaker was astronaut Guy Gardner. Guy is not only a true American hero, but he's a genuinely nice guy and a terrific role model for the boys. Thanks Guy! Thats Tom on the left handing out awards as the pirate "Captain Bone Marrow". A very memorable night indeed mateys!


Tom went up in the tallest building in the world today. Taipei 101 in Taipai, Taiwan. Most interesting building seen during the recent Korea/Taiwain visit. The thing is just silly tall. Cross another one off the list. Pictures and Pictures, Shoot Two



Chrismas at mom St.Myers

Christmas at Jon and Kellys

Christmas at HOME

How lucky are these kids?!?!


Two cool things happened today.

Tom got a patent plaque from TRW for his first US patent HERE

Secondly, and much higher on the cool scale, another version of "rescue the jewels" was constructed! One green laser, 7 mirrored glass tile panels from the 70's, a little glycerin and water mixed in the ultrasonic humidifier (great cheap fog machine) and you've got a great spy game for kids. Navigate the laser grid to remove the "jewels" without breaking the beam. Heather and I both tried this. WAY FUN!!!! Before anyone asks; YES, I AM teaching the children to become master thieves.


Number 5 arrives today! Reyna Michelle St.Myer is healthy and happy at 9 lbs, 5 oz. 21 1/4 Inches long.


Playing in the backyard. Last night we had 3 cats, a possum and a racoon begging for scraps. Today the kids watched a preying mantis eat a ladybug.

All by myself!

Vacation at Holiday World in Santa Claus Indiana. Great park! The temperature averaged 96 degrees during our visit. Not too many pictures - too busy with 4 kids in a water park to worry about a camera

Summer .2005
Xavier at basketball camp and lots of other good stuff. HERE and HERE2

MOVIE ONE and Movie two I suggest right clicking and "save as" then play from the saved file


The Taj Mahal
(Agra, India)

Disk1, Disk3, Disk4, Disk5

Gooch Married Sharon! Great wedding! Pictures here when they come in www.toddmarriedsharon.com

Well, Heather is prenant again; ultrasound pictures will be posted after the visit. Before anyone asks (again), we don't know if it's twins (again). Also, returned from India recently. Wrote a poem about a road trip there.

Pictures of My India trip can be seen here :


Winter 2004 Pictures
Kind of after the fact (like 3 years in the posting) but here they are nonetheless

2004 Chrismas pictures HERE


Samantha catching up on her technical reading HERE


Misc list of hosted and linked sites

Welcome to OrganizAbility!


Anderson heating and cooling Farmhouse Pies home Prone

Welcome to Reed Environmental!
Stmyer Services HOME



11.18.07 photo update. Bigger hard drive, so more pictures are coming back! HERE


Haloween pictures!


For those of you who are fortunate enough to live in Glen Ellyn, IL, why don't you set aside some time Saturday to elect Mike Seehausen for village trustee? Good luck Mike!


Update as of 11.18.2007 : Finally got the pictures uploaded from the 2004 party!.  Pictures


RSVP for the hog roast this year. October 9th - 11 AM.  RSVP


Misc deck pictures and priceless kid pictures. HERE


Kids playcenter is up, all screws in the deck, 7 courses of the bbq grill up, motorcycle and tractor engines rebuilt and running...


Over 10 inches of rain in 36 hrs and you too can have primo lakefront property. No water in the house in the biggest flood in 40+ years. Unfortunately, the tractor and my motorcycle were lost to the ravages of nature... HERE


Birthday party photos released! See them here before others see them in the tabloids! HERE


Guess who went to the Childrens Museum in Indianapolis? HERE

Christmas at Jay and Tiffs


Christmas at Grandma St.Myers


Christmas at the Troskys




Brand New batch of family photos HERE


Xavier says the pledge of allegiance HERE





Recent Indiana flood pics from Edna Mills!

New random family pictures


More Pictures here

Jackson's first smile


Montgomery St.Myer - 6 lbs 1.5 Oz
Jackson St.myer 5 lbs 3 oz

Mother is doing great, kids were a bit premature, but are doing great on their own and expected home soon....

Save Up To 80% Everyday On All Kids Apparel At Overstock.com!

Easy money = LinkShare Referral Prg


Toms first flash movie! TjFlight.swf


For those of you who hadn't heard yet, Heather is pregnant. VERY pregnant apparently. See ultrasound photos.



America agrees with France and decides to give the weapons inspectors in Iraq another chance. We will be sending in an additional 250,000 inspectors to aid in the diplomatic process.


The final picture roll from vacation (and the best if you ask me) :DISK6


Picutres of our California vacation here : DISK1 DISK2 DISK3 DISK4 DISK5

Thanks to TJ and Christina for letting us DESTROY their house for over a week!

BIG NEWS! The attic squirrel is no more! Horray for live trap technology (it gives you the satisfaction of killing the little monster on your own)

Also : Kidpics from Bloomington XMAS HERE


Some good online deals at these sites....


These make awesome gifts. AND, 100% of every purchase goes toward college for our kids!


Tom Brokaws birthday is sometime in March? Who knew.

A/C went out with a bang last night. Above you'll see how a homeowner spends his weekends. Once I discovered ALL the insulation on the wiring inside the motor that drives my blower fan was GONE, I had to spend the rest of the day trying to order a replacement. Hopefully Kirby risk motor repair can help me out in the morning. No AC for Heather and the Kids for a few days though. Was actually quite a fire hazard. Wonder if Emerson electronics warranty department would see it that way also?
Temp climbed to over 100 F today. Thought we'd bring Ender inside for a bit to cool off.
If you haven't been to the Stmyer Services website yet, get there now! Stmyerservices
New page of Kid pics HERE

Personal computers serviced here.

Starting compiling a PAGE with all the humor I deem fit for review (pretty much everything) email away.

I would appreciate any comments on my current resume.

BeNew Slideshow of recent Pictures here :


Been working on a rankings page for a game I play. Check out the backround and email me with suggestions.

Ender is turning into a big dog. Xavier is learning to enjoy sitting on the throne! Bring on the newspaper mom.
Other maps had to go. Took too long to load for modem users.

"Borrowed" some maps. Comments? Email Me!

More Xavier and Samantha Pictures... SAM and XAVIER 102001 !
Added a pic page of a few of the funnier items coming out of the recent terrorist acts. A majority of them stem from a hoax pic of a tourist at the top of a large building with a plane coming in from behind him. The rest are more obvious hoaxes. Take a look HERE . Also, bought a dog! Great Pyraneese breed. 6 1/2 weeks old now. Looks to be big when he grows up. I'll post a pic when I'm home during daylight hours.
All our thoughts are with those affected by the cowardice of a few religious extremists. Rest assured the United States of America will continue to stand tall in the face of evil.

New Pics of the kids found HERE and SAMHERE.


1) Happy Birthday MOM St.Myer! 39 today. Way to go!
For those of you requiring a map to my home...see above. Party this year should have more to do than you can shake a stick at (although there will be plenty of stick shaking if thats what floats your boat)
3) Questions about the Roast? Email me.

1) Samantha is 3 months old today!
Camping at Shades St Park = FUN! Thanks to Brad for inviting me and Mike Ball for attending! I'd have been wet without his camp gear (well, wetter anyway)